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My alignment is lawful neutral, my temperament is phlegmatic, and my "personality type" is INTP 5 (no wing). My Tomodachi Life personality type is Independent - Free Spirit. :3

Which Love Live Character Are You? Marina Rock Ice What Type Of Dere Are You? Which Youtube Star Is The Right Man For You?

↑ I took that one as a joke.. I mean, I do love swedish men.. just not him '_' ↑

Which MySims Character Are You? Which Azumanga Daioh Driver Are You? What Pokemon Starter Are You? What Guilty Gear Girl Are You?
Which Nichijou Character Are You? What Super Mario 3D World Character Suits You Best? Which Triforce Do You Hold? Which Puyo Puyo Character Are You? My Little Pony Personality Test! What JRock Legend Are You? What Harvest Moon Girl Are You? What Harvest Moon Girl Are You?

↑ I took it twice, sue me :3 ↑

I am a Ninetales!