What can be found here?

... First of all, this layout was made by sadgrl and can be found here

Second of all, this is just a landing page or sort of a directory for my other stuff. Making subpages is so exhausting so here I'll list the contents of each page so you can explore confidently.

Bookshelf - My book collection (that will also have movies because I wouldn't know where to put them!)

Music - A page for my favorite music. I'll probably put inspired playlists here too ♪

Favorite characters - It's what it says..

Figures - A page for my collection of figures and my wishlist. Might also include various idol/animanga merch I own.

Media - My graphics archive (eventually)

Quiz results - A page for my personality quiz results from various quizzes all over the place.

Cool links - A page for things I'd someday like to research or just things I find interesting. Primarily Wikipedia links.

My manifesto - Personal rules I live by/believe in, because why not.

Psst... the only finished ones right now are "cool links" and "quiz results"..