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12.07.23 - 6:12pm

God!!! I did not realize four months could go by so fast! My birthday came and went, and I did not update, so that's my bad. I'm here now though. Finals are Now Happening, so lots of stress on the school end of things right now-- I've exempted all my tough classes though so I should be fine. The real struggle is motivating myself to get up everyday, as my house is really cold and. my blankets are warm. But anyways! My life is not super eventful, so not a looot has happened, but my birthday did happen and I did get the new Metal gear remasters for the switch so i've been playing those recently. Apart from that though! Not much.. I tend to hate September-October because absolutely nothing happens. As well as most of November. However, Thanksgiving = potato salad and the 20th = my birthday so most years it's just alright. December always creeps up on me so quickly, though; I have no idea what to get for my family. And should I get gifts for my friends? I usually do, something small, but we did a secret santa and I have like, no money right now, so that's a bit of a moral issue for me right now. I'll probably end up making bracelets for them or something. Oh, I love shopping for beads. Especially going to bead stores. I typically go to Joanns during sales only, because they are so God awfully overpriced otherwise, and I don't have any other choices of craft stores nearby unfortunately. Anyways. I still collect CDs (Unsurprisingly) and I'm going to a huge vinyl/cd store tomorrow after school, so I have that to look forward to! I probably won't get much, but it is nice to look around in there. Then I have one week left and I'm free! Most of next week is half days too, so that's nice. I am so excited for Christmas. You don't even know.
The song of the day is Echo - Incubus.

9.14.23 - 9:29pm

Hi! I'm taking a hiatus until my birthday (late November), so if you have been awaiting an update or something, I'm very sorry but it'll be a while. I'm also sorry for leaving with radio silence. :( I'll be back
The song of the day (and until the next update) is Darling - Real Estate.

8.22.23 - 9:42pm

Hi!! I'm editing this on my new computer!! It runs so fast. It's 100000 times better than my last one. I'm so happy right now I could explode. The only bad part about it is that the keyboard it came with is very loud. But everything else is so great. I still feel so guilty, like I need to give something in return lmao. But I am going to enjoy this and try not to let that get to me. :)
The song of the day is Eyes Without A Face - Billy Idol.

8.21.23 - 9:42pm

Just a short post for today because I'm so exhausted lol. A few minutes ago I updated my music player on the main site (hopefully it also appeared here, if that's how you got here) with the music I listen to more often now so that's great. Today was alright overall. I bought Slayers X with the Hypnospace game in the bundle because they were both on sale in anticipation to play them tomorrow! Just have to make it until then. AAAaaaaaaa
My head was SO empty all day at school. I had the whole Red Vox discography playing just trying to make it to my classes without passing out lmao. I just can't stop listening to Vinny's voice. It's laced with something, I swear.
The song of the day is Forgetter - Red Vox.

8.20.23 - 9:13pm

I just have so much happiness in my heart right now and I want to gush about everything. Idk what it is with me!! But silly things like being able to customize your Tumblr page and your Everskies profile I just love so much. And of course Neocities. I think if I didn't discover this a few months ago my life would be a lot worse, so I'm glad to be here. Very much so. I'm very glad with a lot of things in my life right now, actually. I organized a bookshelf next to my desk today and found this old SSB Brawl manual with a fucking poster in it that I never ripped out!! AND it fits perfectly behind my computer!! So yeah that definitely was a highlight of today. The only sad part of it is that Snake's not on either side of the poster. But I guess I can live with that.
In other recent news, I just have so much to look forward to. I got my drum set today, which isn't set up yet, but it's SO gorgeous. I bought it secondhand of course and it's in my closet right now but it is still so exciting that I can finally have my own drumset!! I've just been using an electronic one that doesn't exactly soudn the best. And my dad bought me a Windows computer (and a Scoot amiibo card, but that's not the point) which is coming on Tuesday and I still just. Don't even know what to say. I just feel sort of guilty and that I sort of don't know if I deserve it in a way. ..which is kind of depressing so I'm going to stop talking about that but holy SHIT I am so excited. One of my friends gifted me resident evil 4 a few months ago on Steam but I've just never been able to play, so that's going to be the first game I play. And don't worry, either I'll switch back to OperaGX or stay using Chrome, so I won't change sites or anything like that. I guess I'm kinda going to miss this old thing, but not for long lol.
When I organized my bookshelf I also put a ton of CDs I had hidden away up on display. I'll name a few of my favorites; Antics - Interpol, BABYMETAL (self-titled), Against - Pearl Jam, You'd Prefer An Astronaut - Hum.. etc. I'm glad I had the space next to my books because it was super crowded before. One day I'll show how it looks, just not today. It's actally kind of late, so I'm gonna finish td=idying up and go to bed lol.
Honorable mention for a song today is Against the Wall from the Slayers X Terminal Aftermath soundtrack, which is an amazing game I can't wait to play as well.
The real song of the day is Choking on the Spite - Red Vox.

8.18.23 - 4:07pm

School has started if you couldn't tell by the time in between this and the last post. I'm doing my best but I have a lot of things to balance right now on top of being a very procrasinating person, so I'm sorry, but this blog (obviously) won't be updated daily anymore. I'd love to and probably will change that in the future, but for now everything is just being thrown at me all at once right now lol.
But what has been happening recently? Well, school started this past Tuesday for me, so that meant I had to change my sleeping schedule. I find it very easy to do that though, so thankfully I stopped falling asleep at 3 am and instead 10 pm. The day before school started, I went shopping with my mom. We went to about 6 thrift stores and a place called secret oktober. It's definitely catered towards goths, which I am very much not, but it was really nice and cozy in there and everyone shopping was really pretty lol, so no complaints from me. I got a Soundgarden t-shirt and some buttons that I put on my bag for school, then I played TOTK until my hands hurt and fell asleep. I've been playing a lot lately, there's just so much to do and I love exploring around so so much. The only thing I wish I had is Hero's Path mode, from BOTW, but it'll probably come with the dlc so whatever. Other than TOTK I also have been playing DMC3 which is an actual fucking masterpiece and made me question why I haven't played any Devil May Cry game until now!! I watched Vinny play them of course but playing it yourself is just so great.
Apart from games and real life there's also music. Recently music has been literally saving me. I get headaches really easily, especially in school, like all the time for some reason, and the only thing that helps sometimes is music. Obviously I take tylenol and stuff but it just doesn't work. So I always have my earbuds in. I hoard music and don't know why I haven't talked about this yet but it seriously feels like the only thing keeping me going sometimes. Not even just listening. I try to make it. obviously it's not very good, but I like making it. Lyrics and stuff usually come to me easier than an actual rhythm/instrumental, though, which sucks. I usually come up with all the lyrics for a song first and then realize I can't actually sing or perform this with others because I can't sing and play the drums at the same time and get really discouraged and give up. And then shit happens like writing some lyrics I think are nice but oh, this one part is too cheesy or doesn't fit or doesn't have the right amount of syllables, etc.. it just gets difficult. Ugh. But I love it. And in recent listening of mine, Gorillaz has been #2. (Second only to Pearl Jam, I've found a new love for Last Kiss and still listen to literally their entire discography daily anyways.) But Gorillaz! I started listening to them in like 2018 through a friend and while we aren't really friends anymore, I still love Gorillaz. They just remind me of such a nicer time. Autumn, playing ACNL all day, not 105 degree temperatures, whatever. I actually canNOT wait for autumn to come. Though it takes forever in Texas. And it's never like, sort of warm and sort of cold, it just goes straight from hot as fuck or insanely cold. Which sucks. But I deal.
The song of the day is Plush - Stone Temple Pilots.

8.9.23 - 12:21pm

Hey! it's been a while! I'm sorry. To tell the truth, I got back home a few days ago but forgot to update this. So that's my bad. I checked my site traffic and.. it's been low lol. But it's on me. Anyways, my life has been very packed recently. Right now I'm supposed to be at lunch with my sister but I just have so many other things to do so I had to skip out on it. I have drum lessons tonight, and I have to clean out my bag for school, and then I have a sleepover tomorrow, and.. so many more things. My entire summer was just really slow paced so I'm totally not used to this. But again, that's on me for not doing all this beforehand.
I'm going to be honest, I don't really want to type everything I did on my beach trip, but it was really fun. I'm just very glad to be back. I get homesick really easy, actually, so it was kind of getting to be too much for me. For the past few days, I've been playing Tears of the Kingdom (game of the year for sure) and PuyoPuyo Tetris on my switch, and I've been thinking of getting Bugsnax because I've just been in such a Bugsnax mood for whatever reason. So maybe I'll do that after I finish cleaning up.
The song of the day is Bloodsnax - Vargskelethor.

8.3.23 - 1:43pm

I woke up today with an urge to listen to obscure music. So I did just that. I burned No Cigars - Davy's Grey onto a DVD instead of a CD by accident, then promptly realized I ran out of CDs and only had DVDs, which won't play on my CD player regardless. I can't listen to it on Spotify because it's not on there. So that sucked, and now I have to settle for Youtube. I also woke up today with my left hand aching, and to be honest I have no idea why. I was thinking it was because of practice, but my left hand is just hitting the snare and barely getting any kind of workout compared to my right hand. The whole thing is very confusing. It still hurts, and kind of hurts to type, so that's it for today. Oh but real quick, we're leaving tomorrow and I might not be able to update the blog while I'm out, since I don't have a laptop. Just so you know. I won't be dead, just having a good time elsewhere. :)
The song of the day is Living Only To Die - Davy's Grey.

8.2.23 - 1:43pm

Second day of August, and it's going well so far. Yesterday evening I painted my nails red and black. I wish I was ambidextrous so it could've been neater, but oh well. I never paint my nails anyway, so it was a fun little change. I also had drum lessons yesterday, and they went well too- I learned a new fill on a song I'm learning and can't remember it for the life of me, so I'll have to practice more I guess. I also have lessons tonight, this time with the rest of the group. I think it's kind of embarassing how I've been practicing with the same kids for months now and I'm not really friends with any of them. I'm just not very good at making friends. It shocked me when they were talking about going into high school, because I assumed they were all much older than me lol, but it turns out I'm the second oldest one in the group. I'm not saying all this in a way that could justify them being more talented than me, though; they're all really talented. But I'm not putting myself below them. I'm great at what I do too. I think that's a crucial part of learning an instrument. You can't tell yourself you're wore than them, you're all learning anyways! Well, that was pretty inspirational for no reason but yeah. Right now I'm eating some peanut butter and it's making my mouth hurt because braces and it's probably not good for my teeth but whatever. Thank god I'm getting them off in a few months. I'd hate to have adult braces, any age past 16 having braces would just make me mad, they're already enough of a hassle. And I've had them for, now that I think about it, 2 and a half years? And they still suck. So yeah. I think I'd better start packing today. I'll do that after I finish this spoonful.
The song of the day is Now - Paramore.

8.1.23 - 2:42pm

First day of August! Ahhhhhhh. My second least favorite month. It's already off to a mediocre start, though. One good thing is that my Vineshroom keychain came in today! I did order it 2 months ago, but honestly I'm just glad it arrived since I see a lot of people reviewing ownaj saying their orders just never got delivered. Thankfully mine did. And now I have a cute little plush keychain. He's on my ita bag right now, but I will take him with me everywhere.
That's my good news for today. My bad news is that, well, my sister has been pissing me off to no end recently. She's turning 13 in like, 5 days, and she always thinks her entire birthday month is a chance to just get what she wants and be snobby all the time. I get, y'know, angsty teen, but I was the complete opposite at that age! I've never really mentioned my sister here, so I'll just double down on that and tell you that she's quite literally the polar opposite of me. We have a few similarities, like we both like some of the same youtubers and have similar humor, I guess- but in almost every aspect she's nothing like me. Which fucking sucks. It has me often wishing I had another sibling, usually a little brother, one that I could share music with and actually hang out with and one that would be nice to me when I'm nice to him. I love my sister. I really do. And I'm not saying I would trade her for a brother, but god. I try to be a nice, reasonable person to her, and in general, but it's just hard when she doesn't reciprocate. And I feel like the upcoming trip might just cause her to embarass me infront of my friend. I'm going to be nice though. I would actually die if I let that happen. And it's her birthday after all. I don't know because she never tells me anything, but she might have some friend drama or something she's dealing with. SO.. I'm gonna do my best, and if she's rude, I'm going to be the mature one.
...You know, I hate talking about negative stuff even though I kind of did just write a whole paragraph about it, so I'm going to move on to something I'm actually happy for- the trip! We're staying at this nice place in Port Aransas which is about a 3 hour drive away from us. Me and my friend get to share a room, and my cousins are also going which is great since we don't see them often. We get to swim and go to the beach and eat some good food and I'm so excited because I haven't been to the beach in like, years. And the last memory I have of it was me getting stung by a jellyfish. I love them, but not when they're stinging you. We're planning to do some tye-dye and cool crafts and everything, but I'm hoping to just have a good time and forget about school.
Speaking of school, I still don't know when it's starting. But I did get my schedule. I got architecture II and psychology, thank God, and I also got into the creative writing class which makes me sound like a nerd for being excited but I really am. Who knows, there might be some digital aspects! ;) I've always been infatuated with poetry, word art, fiction books, everything like that. I think today I'll even start on my bookshelf page. So yeah. Oh, right, also I've been thinking of dying my hair. I have plain, wavy brown hair with a side part right now and I'd like to stick with that style but I've really been wanting to get highlights lately! Not a huge change from my normal hair, just a bit lighter. Kind of like how it looks in this picture, just not as bright lol. I definitely don't follow any Japanese fashion subcultures myself, especially gyaru, but I do really love the hairstyles. I think that's all I wanted to say.
The song of the day is Sunday - The Cranberries.

7.31.23 - 11:53am

Hi, so, I was having a look at my neocities site traffic earlier and it said over the past week I had got almost a thousand combined unique visits. Like, just yesterday it was 568. ...568?!?! I can't even comprehend 10 visitors, so even if that number is inflated by quite a bit, it's still so incredible! I'm so happy there are actually people out there who like my site and/or find it interesting. So thank you, if you came from a webring or a chatbox or however you found my site- thank you. ^_^ okay, enough of the sappy stuff haha. There's not really a lot I have to say right now apart from that crazy realization. Though I have decided to start adding timestamps to my blog posts. I don't really know why. But yeah. You should check out my music page, though, I just finished it and I think it looks pretty cool. :)
The song of the day is All Around Me - Flyleaf.


Oh god, how is July almost over?? Just like I said yesterday time is slipping away and I'm really not partial to it. I honestly need to stop writing these posts so early because it means I don"t have the chance to add stuff that actually happened after. I wrote it. I mean, yesterday it wasn't much- I painted the Red Vox logo on a tshirt to make my own merch and it turned out really nice, and now I really want to make a Scythelord one - but still, it was yesterday, the blog post for one day shouldn't be all about reflecting on yesterday. But whatever! This is my own blog and I can do what I want. >:) Anyways, I'm listening to Riot! right now and I am so obsessed with the first 4 songs it's insane. Hayley Williams should not have this much power over my mind lmao. I really do love her. i need to start writing more music. I haven't written lyrics in a long while, the last song I wrote was in April maybe and it doesn't even fit the type of music I want to make. Which sucks. I wish I was good at composing too, but I don't even know if I am, there's just so many snippets of rhythms I want to put in a song all floating around in my head at the same time. I want to take this band thing seriously but my friends really aren't. I love them and everything and if they don't want to learn it's totally fine by me and I can find other members but I was really hoping to maybe get together at least once this summer. It feels like that's not going to happen. I know a guy who plays bass and guitar and he's really good- but he's much better at metal riffs and stuff like that, which I love too, but my drumming is not nearly that good yet! Being a teenager is so hard. I give up lol.
The song of the day is Someday - The Strokes.


AHHhhh yesterday was soo much fun!! Barbie was really good (I think I have a crush on Ryan Gosling) and we ended up going swimming afterwards so I was exhausted by the time we got home lol. We went to this really popular spring and I was expecting to hate it since it's kind of known as the place where all the stoners hang out but it was surprisingly calm and I had a great time! We had dinner at this nice diner type cafe- I had a pancake meal (probably the best food I've had in a while) and then we ended by visiting this 'rock n roll' shop which just had a ton of metal band merch, so of course I got a shit ton of buttons and some patches.
It makes me sad that summer is almost over though. I start school again in mid August, and I don't even know the date so it's definitely going to creep up on me. I'm excited to see my friends, and I know I'll get the classes I signed up for- it just hurts having to say goodbye to listening to cds 24/7, having no worries and being able to drink peach Snapple for an entire day. (I have an addiction to peach Snapple.) I also know I probably will forget about this blog and not be able to update every day which sucks so bad. I will try my best to remember. Though if I ever stop updating randomly one day, either I died or just forgot about this. :(
I don't wanna end off on such a sad note so I'll upload a few pictures of my cats (one of which is currently sitting on my lap) when I figure out a good format to add images.
The song of the day is Rolling Star - Afterglow (cover).

Top left to right: Pancake, Biscuit, Pancake, bottom left to right: Biscuit on my drumset, both of them, and Biscuit eating Jerma. ^^


Hi!! Quick post before I leave!
I'm going to see Barbie then probably go swimming in a few hours after the movie ends, but I wanted to write up a post because why not? I'm honestly really excited for Barbie, even though I know absolutely nothing about it because the ads I've seen have told me nohting about it at all!! I'm wearing a cute pink shirt though and some pink jewlery so I'm very much ready for it. I made a lot of racelets last year that have various Love Live quotes on them and the one I have on right now is Nico Nico Niii! just cuz it's pink lol. Somehow I forgot to make a Shaaiiinyy one for Mari? So I guess I'll do that when I get home. Oh, and before I finish, the new Bandori cards.. I really like Rinko's, her hair is super cute, and Yukina's is really cute for a 2 star, and Sayo's untrained is funny (who let her drive the bus?!) but Lisa's... ugh. It sucks when Bushiroad does this because there's gonna be so much of a split across the community. Lisa's untrained is cute but the trained is just.. aaaghhh. I like the background and stuff.. but I have to admit, they knew what they were doing. The pose is gross. I wish they wouldn't focus so much on sexualizing Lisa. The swimsuit is so cute too, it's such a shame we can barely see it in the trained. I like the new song even though it's more upbeat for Roselia, and the event title looks really cute so I'd love to tier it on EN, but jeez. Bushiroad has done shit like this before so I can't really be /that/ surprised but it's still weird nonetheless. She JUST got out of high school and they're already taking the opportunity to objectify her? Have some respect, I know this game's target audience is creepy old men but come on. Okay, well, that's it for right now. I might add more sort of movie review stuff after the movie if I feel like it.
The song of the day is Poor Aileen - Superheaven.


Another blog post? Wow, I'm great at this (will forget in a week)
I'll try to make it shorter than yesterday's because jeez, I really did just ramble about music for 70% of it! Today I did just about the same shit as yesterday, but I did change it up by like, a tiny bit. Instead of binging some 7yr old video about some swedish guy corrupting an ancient windows hardware I decided to watch.. big reveal.. Drew Gooden! (Joel, I love you, that was a joke) But seriously, I'm glad my commentary youtuber phase is coming back (top 10 things nobody says ever) because Drew really does put a lot of effort into his videos, they're awesome. Along with that, today I also complained about my dad eating all the Chips Ahoy in the house (I'm still mad at him for that) and burned some CDs! I had 3 80 minute ones left, so I decided to make Riot! by Paramore, Brand New Eyes by Paramore, and surprise surprise... Paramore by Paramore. Haven't listened yet but I am excited to, I don't think I've ever fully listened to any of those. I woke up with an urge to listen to Hayley Williams voice for whatever reason. Don't even ask. The last thing I did today was, oddly enough, join a building contest on Roblox. Okay, that sounds weird, but listen. I've been playing Roblox for about half my life now (kill me already) and for about 4 years I've been invested into this game called Bloxburg. It's a surprisingly well made game and for someone who wants to be an architect the building functions are INCREDIBLE. I love Minecraft and The Sims, but holy shit, this weirdly has much more appeal to me. It has roleplay features as well but I'm not as invested in those as I am for the building aspect. Anyways, this youtuber I've been following for a few years (now that I think about it, probably 4) set up a discord server to revamp one of the original houses in Bloxburg, and I decided to join. The setup was messy (because duh, I can't blame her!) but it was fun to chill and build with some people. Now, I've already been in a few videos like that, but this was just different because there was surprisingly a lot of teamwork. I got a chance to work on my exterior skills (I was in charge of doing the front yard) and holy cow, it turned out a lot better than I expected! I like interior design more if you couldn't tell. But it was great. Okay, my hands hurt and I'm hungry, so that's all.. Again, thanks for reading if you did, and if you didn't- I can't judge you.
The song of the day is For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic - Paramore.


Hey, it's a blog post! My first one, to be exact! I don't really know how to do this so I'll start simple though this'll probably spiral into a hyperfixated rant lol. Today so far I've been eating junk and coding while watching youtube, specifically Kurtis Conner and various Vinesauce shit. I don't really have a lot coming up. The closest thing would be going to see the Barbie movie with a friend on Friday (yay!) and then my sister's birthday in 2 weeks. I'm not jealous so to say.. I'm just kind of mad because my birthday last year was absolutely horrible (my whole family was sick and also somehow forgot), and this year it's already planned to be horrible as well- might as well be a sour 16 rather than sweet. In contrast, we're going on a big beach trip for hers. It's not really a big deal and saying all that is making me feel selfish.. it just sucks when you get sick cause there's nothin' you can do about it.
Lately I've been listening to my CDs and they really do make me feel some kind of fuzzy way. They give me a feeling of nostalgia, as even though I was born way after they were invented I would always listen to them in my mom's car when I was younger. She got a new car without a CD player though, and I totally forgot about them. I had a CD player of my own, too, that I got for Christmas in kanske.. 2013? But had completely forgot about it until a few months ago. (It still works thank God, and it's what I use to listen now!) I've started to become more comfortable in expressing my hobbies, and music has become a huge one recently. When I'm not playing the drums, listening to music or attempting to write lyrics, I'm totally researching artists I want to get into, memorizing band member's names, etc. I love music. And I'm very glad it's ecome a huge part of my life recently. Back to the CD thing though. I started out just taking a few albums I had sort of heard of from my mom's 4 big books- she got rid of the cases, which makes me sad because I love jewel cases but I digress- some of the ones I had listened to in the car before; Spice - Spice Girls, Back To The Old House - The Smiths, and an ABBA compilation. I did also grab some others from artists I didn't particularly like (yet) but knew were popular and probably good. Among those were Nevermind - Nirvana, which is now one of my sole 10/10 albums, Weezer's blue album, and some Green Day. I swear, listening to Spice after having not heard of anything Spice Girls for almost 10 years is such a crazy, happy feeling. Wannabe was my favorite song when I was little and I didn't even know that! That's when I realized.. yeah, this has to be my thing now. And now. Oh god. Look at me. I have about 130 CDs now, mostly taken from my parents but some bought at thrift and record stores. I'm glad my parents have two distinct music tastes, actually. They were both born in the same generation, just went two different paths which is really cute. My dad likes grunge, metal, and post hardcore stuff. My mom likes anything British- specifically brit-pop, I guess- and new wave, but also some alternative/indie stuff. And I like both. Not so much the British thing though.. Maybe just Iron Maiden. I haven't listened to all of my CDs yet but I'm seriously working on that and I'm reviewing them one at a time. One day I'll upload some pictures as I do like my display but for now I'll just enjoy the music. Well.. I think that's enough typing for today. I sure do hope this formats correctly. Thank you for reading all this if you did, and if you didn't, who am I to judge?
The song of the day is Only In Dreams - Weezer.